Symptom Lupus

Symptom of Lupus

One type of autoimmune disease is lupus. Lupus causes swelling or inflammation with a wide variety of symptoms that accompany it.

symptom of lupus

Individually, people with lupus will experience different symptoms. Some people may experience severe symptoms, but some others have only mild symptoms.

In most cases of lupus, early symptoms appear around the age of 30. In general, people with lupus have flare-ups of symptoms followed by periods of remission, such as autoimmune diseases other. People often ignore the early symptoms that appear as similar to the symptoms of other diseases.

Some lupus symptoms, such as ;

Fatigue. People with lupus experience some degree of fatigue which reached 90 percent. Some people do the trick with a lot of sleep during the day, but this would lead to insomnia at night. You should always keep your energy levels with daily routine activities actively. Talk with your doctor regularly to address the cause of this fatigue.

Fever. If suddenly there is someone who is experiencing a mild fever for no apparent reason, it is likely that an early symptom of lupus. This mild fever makes you think not to see a doctor because only ranged from 98.5 to 101 degrees Fahrenheit.

Fever in the on-again, off-again fashion often experienced by people with lupus and this could be an indicator of infection, inflammation, or flare-ups. Make an appointment with your doctor if mild fever occur repeatedly. Beware!

Hair loss. The first sign of lupus one of which is hair loss. Inflammation of the skin and scalp trigger hair loss. Hair will thin out slowly that followed also by thinning eyebrows, eyelashes, beard and other body hair.

The hair becomes brittle, easily broken and look untidy often called “lupus hair” New hair growth will be generated after carrying out the treatment of lupus. However, hair loss is permanent in the area if you wear on your scalp lesions.

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