What is Cardiomegaly ?

A condition in which the heart is enlarged medically known as cardiomegaly. This term is a symptom caused by various diseases are present in the body. Cardiomegaly caused by many factors, in many case this condition result from high blood pressure and coronary artery disease.


Due to enlargement of the heart, blood can not be pumped effectively so that it can lead to congestive heart failure. Lifelong treatment is needed for people who suffer from an enlarged heart and this can be increased from time to time. Someone will be very prone to suffer from cardiomegaly if the person concerned has close family ties with persons with cardiomegaly.

Obesity and coronary artery disease can lead to cardiomegaly, however cardiomegaly is not actually a disease, but a condition arising from a number of existing disease in a person. In a recent study concluded that sudden cardiac death (SCD) occur in people who have cardiomegaly.

Some of the symptoms when a person is experiencing cardiomegaly; palpitations (palpitations), shortness of breath, increase in weight, waist circumference increased, swelling of the legs and the body feels tired.

These symptoms are not always the same for every person in the case of cardiomegaly. Even some who have no symptoms. Patients who have severe cardiomegaly will only feel mild symptoms for years. Increasing the severity of patients with cardiomegaly will cause shortness of breath that gets worse.

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