Cardiac Ultrasound

Cardiac Ultrasound Machine

Cardiac ultrasound concerns ultrasound imaging of complex organs that move very quickly positioned deep in the body. Cardiac ultrasound, also known as echocardiography.

cardiac ultrasound
Cardiac Ultrasound

To produce fast and accurate diagnosis in detecting problems contained in the body of a patient’s organs can be obtained through an ultrasound machine that works using high frequency sound waves. The number of patients who died from heart disease has drastically reduced since the use of ultrasound machines to diagnose heart disease with cardiac medical imaging produces.

The workings of the ultrasound machine is to send ultrasonic waves into the body was detected. Ultrasound machines will generate a 2D image obtained by the reflection of ultrasonic waves that show the distance and intensity of their echoes. Through the ultrasound machine, internal organs of a patient can be heard clearly. The ultrasound machine does not cause harmful side effects so it is absolutely safe to use.

Sizeable role of ultrasound medical imaging diagnosis engine in detecting a disease quickly and accurately, has caused his popularity grew. Visual organ and tissue created by the ultrasound machine capable of using high frequency sound waves.

In the past heart disease can not be detected early. Heart disease can only be detected after reaching an advanced stage so it is difficult to cure. This was before there was an ultrasound machine.

Only a doctor trained in radiology have to do that because Ultrasound is the medical procedure. Read more.

How to Become a Cardiac Sonographer?

Cardiac sonographer focused on the use of advanced imaging ultrasound device to detect heart and blood vessels in patients of all ages. The curriculum includes theory and practice on the course of heart anatomy, ultrasound physics, congenital heart disease, supporting tools and courses focused on adult, pediatric and fetal echocardiography imaging and diagnostic procedures.

Cardiac Sonographer
Cardiac Sonographer

Student who have completed cardiac sonography program should immediately prepare for the exam become Registered Diagnostic ARDMS Heart sonographer (RDC). In this case, there are three specific tests to be followed ; Adult Echocardiography (AE), Pediatric Echocardiography (PE) and Fetal Echocardiography (FE).

To produce an image the heart and connect it to the arteries and veins, heart sonogram should perform echocardiography. Various types of ultrasound equipment used in the implementation of such examination.

Echocardiograms, transesophageal echocardiograms, stress echocardiograms treadmill test and so on, are performs of imaging for patients who should be prominently displayed by the heart sonogram to the patients.

Interview, explaining the imaging procedure and discuss the patient’s medical history is a task for the Special Diagnostic medical sonogram who do the work directly to the patient.

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